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Strategy and Implementation Summary

What is your common approach to make your business a winner and how will you go about this?

Marketing Services Marketing Strategy

What are the real methods you are going to use in order to promote your Marketing Services business to your existing and probable patrons. You can furthermore add the outlay involved in doing this and strategies involved in lowering your marketing outlay and how your marketing strategy can seek out your customers better. For example if you are using PPC as a way to go for Marketing Services clients you could draw on long tail keyword search phrases to a certain extent than succinct generic words. This should lessen your PPC costs as well as laser targeting your patrons; although it will of course take longer to set up. Read more about marketing strategy.

Marketing Services Pricing Strategy

How have you arrived at your prices for your products and services? Are you going to use cost-plus pricing, limit pricing, loss leaders, market-oriented pricing, penetration pricing, price discrimination, premium pricing, predatory pricing, contribution margin-based pricing, psychological pricing, dynamic pricing, target pricing, absorption pricing, high-low pricing, marginal-cost pricing, odd pricing, freemium or pay what you want pricing?

Check out this article on pricing up your products

Promotion Strategy

What promotion strategies are you going to put into action to get the word out as regards your products and services to your would-be patrons - are you going to do media releases, hold events, networking, sales pitches, follow-ups, have promotional products?

Business Competitive Edge

Do you have some benefits over your competition that you can exploit to your benefit? Are you capable of keeping your expenditure lower than your competitors so that you are constantly the cheapest? Do you have a prime site? Are you the originator or the only one to provide a service or product? Are you able to stay ahead of the opposition and if so what enables you to do this? Do you have a good identifying mark, trademarks, patents or a licence?

Web Strategy

Are you going to have no website whatever or an all singing and dancing website with bells and whistles on? In most case it's going to be something in-between these two, and you ought to think long and hard where your company is going to position itself. You can pay a visit to this website and get more information regarding putting your Marketing Services business online.

Sales Strategy

How are you going to get sales for your Marketing Services business in the first place and how are you going to build up or maintain sales as time goes on? How much are your sales going to cost you? Make definite you know what questions to ask of your likely patrons and know the answers to likely questions they will ask you. How are you going to build a bond with your clients to get yet to come sales from them? How are you going to monitor your sales? Do you want to increase your sales?

Formulating a good business proposal will increase your chances of getting a sale. Use this sample Marketing Services business proposal to assist you.

Management Summary

Management Team

Who are the major protagonists in your business?

Marketing Services Organizational Structure

What is the hierarchy of your business - who is the manager of every department in your company?

Personnel Plan

This should be a record of every person in your business, how much they are paid and what if any share options they have for now and in the future. You can also add what type of contracts they have, long and short term and whether that is prone to alter in the future or not.

Marketing Services Financial Plan

Will you contribute all your own funding or will it be a blend of your funds, bank loans, or angel investors? Do you need help in writing your financial plan?

Marketing Services Break Even Analysis

How long will it take to get your capital investment back through sales of your services and products. You should represent this in a graphical format. You can obtain free breakeven analysis including a spreadsheet and simple examples.

Marketing Services Profit and Loss

You can represent this usually in the form of a monthly and yearly bar chart as well as tables. Observably these should be revised as your business goes along on a monthly basis. You can obtain a free profit and loss spreadsheet to assist you.

Marketing Services Cash Flow

You should have tables and charts to explain your cash balance and your net cash flow. Download a free cash flowspreadheet.


This should add in all your key info which makes your business tick. This should be your business financials - so all your tables of numbers, tax returns, inventory estimates and personal and business credit history information. The information in the appendix is highly confidential and should only be given to likely investors.

Exit Strategy

How exactly are you going to sell your Marketing Services Business?

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